Life365/Inkloud Dropshipping

300,00  / year

The first Life365/Inkloud dropshipping plugin, designed and realized for WordPress and WooCommerce.

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Life365/Inkloud Dropshipping is the first plugin for WordPress that allows you to synchronize and sell in dropshipping on your e-commerce products from the catalog of the Life365/Inkloud platforms.


  1. Developed for the WooCommerce plugin
  2. For B2B E-Commerce is required for the WooCommerce B2B plugin to be installed
  3. You need access to one of theLife365/Inkloud platforms
  4. You can choose categories up to the second level to synchronize
  5. Continuous products, quatations and quantities update
  6. Order verification before dispatching to Life365/Inkoloud (at payment)
  7. Order verification at Life365/Inkoloud cart creation
  8. Life365/Inkoloud links rewrite to manage documentation and related products
  9. Real-time alignment of shipping fees for dropshipping with the option to insert a fixed or percent markup
  10. Option to insert you own products with a separate cart management


The service is automatically renewed. If you don’t want to renew the service anymore you need to send an e-mail or a PEC ( 30 days before the expiration date.
If the service is not renewed, the system will not connect anymore to the dropshipping platform.


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